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Eckstein Law Library Guide for Marquette Law Students: PrintWise & VTS


PrintWise is the campus-wide printing and copy service that allows you to make copies or retrieve your print jobs from any PrintWise station on the Marquette campus.  PrintWise stations are located on each floor of Eckstein Hall, in the law library area.  The station on the third floor includes color printing and copying.  Black-and-white prints and copies are $.07/page.  Double sided printing is $.10/2 sided page.  Color prints and copies are $.50/page.

Marquette gives students $14.00 for PrintWise on their MarquetteCard and an additional $7.00 if a student registers for summer classes. The allocation is available until the end of the last summer session, when any unused funds are removed.

Additional funds may be added to your Marquette ID card at the Value Transfer Station (VTS) located on the first floor near the PrintWise machine.  Find out how to install PrintWise on your laptop and get other information on MU Printwise pages. 

Help is also is available from the law library circulation staff and the Law School Technology Services printing information page.



VTS - Value Transfer Station

VTS, or Value Transfer Station, is located in the law library area on the first floor of Ecktein Hall, near the PrintWise station. The VTS allows you to add money to your Marquette I.D. card, or to purchase a copy card. 

You can also add money to your Marquette ID card by going to the Marquette Card Deposit website.


Eckstein Law Library Map