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Topic Selection for Law Review Comments & Notes: Copyright

Subscription Databases

Lexis and Westlaw both have specific databases devoted to copyright law. On Lexis, under the heading “Area of Law - By Topic” select “Copyright Law”. On Westlaw, use the Directory to access “Topical Materials by Area of Practice” and then "Copyright.”  You might also want to look at the BNA Intellectual Property Library, Patent, Trademark and Copyright Journal and Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law Daily.




Copyright Infringement Project

Focuses on music copyright infringement cases from the mid-nineteenth century forward.


Stanford Copyright and Fair Use

Offers a blog from Stanford librarians and a selection of recent copyright cases, dockets, legislation, news and blog posts from other blogs.


Copyright Website

Covers some of the top copyright cases, including 2 Live Crew, Vanilla Ice, and Indiana Jones.