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English Law: Statutory Instruments

Statutory Instruments

Statutory Instruments are the loose equivalent of administrative law in the United States.  These materials provide the details related to the statutes.  Orders, rules and regulations are contained in the statutory instruments.  While the difference between regulations and orders remains rather unclearly defined; “rules” clearly refers to procedural matters such as the County Court Rules.  While orders, rules and regulations are all forms of subordinate or “delegated” legislation, there is somewhat of a hierarchy with an Order of Council being the highest form of subordinate legislation. 

Statutory instruments are first published in “slip” format as individual documents through HMSO.  Until 1960, these slip statutory instruments were bound annually and arranged by subject.  Since that time, SIs have been bound chronologically as they are issued and registered so that the volumes may be published more promptly.   

The law library does not collect Sis in print format.  However, select SIs are contained in Halsbury’s Statutes although not all of them are reproduced in full text. 

Online availability offers Stautory Instruments from1987.  

BAILII offers SI from 2002 - current. 

Subscription databases

Statutory Instruments are also available on Westlaw under database identifier UK-SI (contains SIs from 1948 from Sweet & Maxwell) and Lexis STATIS (contains Butterworth’s Statutes of England and Wales and the Statutory Instruments in a single database).  Remember to check the “content summary” and “use tips” prior to searching these databases. 

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