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Court Rules Research Guide: Federal Forms

Court rules govern the procedures of a court and how matters before a court are handled and processed. This guide identifies resources for locating court rules.

Federal Forms

Many federal forms are available both online and in print. Model federal forms relate the federal court rules to the required forms. The forms provide the necessary language for court filings and help the practitioner in complying with the rules. It is imperative that both the forms and the court rules consulted are current.

Multivolume sets of treatises on federal practice, such as Moore's Federal Practice, include forms. Sets of form books such as AmJur Legal Forms may also prove helpful.

Documents filed in actual court cases provide examples for drafting pleadings.  Such court documents filed in federal court may be available on PACER (registration is required) and commercial databases such as BloombergLaw, Lexis or Westlaw. Access to these databases may be restricted to members of the Marquette University Law School community.

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