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Court Rules Research Guide: Wisconsin Forms

Court rules govern the procedures of a court and how matters before a court are handled and processed. This guide identifies resources for locating court rules.

Wisconsin Forms

As for most states, many forms specific to practice in Wisconsin courts are available. Wisconsin Statutes and the state court rules may specify what must be included in pleadings filed in court. Forms are often included in the rules volumes. In addition, forms are available on local or state court websites. Because state court forms are usually not as numerous or varied as federal or general forms, it may be necessary to combine portions of multiple forms for a specific issue. The form must comply with the court rules for the specific jurisdiction, however.

Fee-based commercial databases such as BloombergLaw, Lexis and Westlaw also contain court rules and should be checked for the availability of forms. Access to these databases is restricted to members of the law school community.

Wisconsin Judicial Administrative Districts

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