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WI Constitution: History & Revisions: Commentaries and Legislative Reports


This bibliography lists selective resources on the history and revisions of the Wisconsin Constitution. Included are online resources as well as print material available at Marquette University Law Library.

Blue Book (State of Wisconsin)
KFW 2402 .B58

Each biennial edition includes the current text of the Wisconsin Constitution and an historical table of constitutional amendments. This table lists all proposed amendments, date of submission, the subject of each amendment, dates of legislative actions, and the vote totals, for and against.

Ray A. Brown, The making of the Wisconsin Constitution, Part I, 1949 WIS. L. REV. 648, and Part II, 1952 WIS. L. REV. 23.

Articles provide an in-depth look at the history of the Wisconsin Constitution on the one hundredth anniversary.

Celebrating Wisconsin's Constitution 150 years later. 1998 WIS. L. REV. 661, Special Issue #3.

A collection of articles on the 150th anniversary of the Wisconsin Constitution. See Table of Contents. 
Contributing authors include: Hon. Shirley S. Abrahamson & Elizabeth A. Hartmann, Anthony V. Baker, Gordon B. Baldwin, Senator Russell Feingold, J. Gordon Hylton, Joseph A. Ranney, Peter K. Rofes, Jack Stark, Dean A. Strang, G. Alan Tarr, Bernard R. Trujillo, Brady C. Williamson & James A. Friedman

Wilder Crane and Clark A. Hagensick, Wisconsin Government and Politics, 5th ed.
JK 6025 1991 W58 1991

Michael Fine traces the history of the Wisconsin Constitution in Chapter II.

Thomas E. Fairchild & Charles P. Seybold, Constitutional Revision in Wisconsin, 1950 WIS. L. REV. 201.

Authors call for general revision of the constitution and discuss the amendment process.

James Fullin, Legislation Relating to Constitutional and Statutory Revision. (Madison: Wisconsin Legislative Council Report No.19 to the1979 Legislature)
REF KFW 2801 .L43 1979

Describes work accomplished by the Council's Special Committee on Constitutional and Statutory Review.

Governor's Commission on Constitutional Revision, Report of the Governor's Commission on Constitutional Revision(Madison, 1960)
REF KFW 2801 .R46 1960

Report of the Commission to Governor Gaylord A. Nelson on December 16, 1960. The Commission did not recommend a constitutional revision at this time.

Governor's Commission on Constitutional Revision, Report of the Governor's Commission on Constitutional Revision. (Madison, 1965)
REF KFW 2801 .R46 1965

Report of the Commission to Governor Warren P. Knowles on September 24, 1965. Commission reaffirms the recommendations of the 1960 Commission on a number of issues but remains closely divided on whether to call a constitutional convention.

Mary Lou Kendrigan, Constitutional Revision in Wisconsin. (Madison, Legislative Reference Bureau, Research Bulletin 65-2, 1965)
REF KFW 2801 .K45 1965

This Bulletin analyzes the factors involved in determining whether a constitutional convention would be advisable for Wisconsin and includes pros and cons.

Robert C. Nesbit, Wisconsin: a History, 2d ed.
F581 .N47 1989

History of the Wisconsin Constitution is detailed in Part Five of this book.

Milo Quaife, (Ed.)
The Movement for Statehood, 1845-1846, F576 .M68
The Convention of 1846, F576 .C66
The Struggle over Ratification, 1846-1847 [Raynor Memorial, F576 .W81]
The Attainment of Statehood, F576 .A87 1928

The above four volumes include historical materials from the 1845-1848 period, including the journals of the 1846 and journals of the 1848 conventions and biographical information on the delegates.

Junaid H. Chica, CommentRediscovering the Wisconsin constitution: presentation of constitutional questions in state courts. 1983 WIS. L. REV. 483-511

Jack Stark, The Wisconsin State Constitution: A Reference Guide with foreword by Hon. Shirley A. Abrahamson.
KFW 2801 .A6 S73 1997

Details the history and development of the Wisconsin Constitution. Each section includes commentary that explains the provision and traces its origins and its interpretation by the courts and other governmental bodies. Also includes a table of cases cited.

Martin D. Stelter et. al., Defining a People, Creating a State: The Wisconsin Constitution in Jacksonian Context .
KFW 2801.5 .D43 1998

Anthology of essays exploring the nature of the Wisconsin Constitution of 1848 as "part of a crossroads of American history." Written by UW-Eau Claire Department of History authors at the invitation of the Wisconsin Supreme Court as part of the Sesquicentennial of Wisconsin statehood.

John Sundquist, Construction of the Wisconsin constitution - recurrence to fundamental principles. 62 MARQ. L. REV. 531 (1979)