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U.S. Supreme Court Justices Selective Bibliography: About This Guide

A remodel and updating of this bibliographic guide continues and materials from the Eckstein Library collection are added regularly. 

About This Guide





This guide provides bibliographic material about U.S. Supreme Court justices, including selected biographies and other relevant titles held by the Eckstein Law Library, and links to online materials. The guide is not an exhaustive bibliography, but is a starting point and focuses on materials accessible via the law library or available on public websites.  

Most pages (tabs) in this guide currently are organized by historical era.  At the present time, titles about the justices are organized based on the year each justice was confirmed.  If you are searching for books about a particular justice, you can find titles that are listed in this research guide by searching the justice's last name in the "search this guide" box located at the upper right corner of each page. Also try Marqcat advanced search and use the justice's name in a subject heading search.  

For a complete chronological list of all the justices and their terms on the Court, consult the U.S. Supreme Court web page, Justices 1789 to Present.  Or, try the site's Timeline for a more visual version.

U.S. Government Websites about the Supreme Court

Catalog Subject Headings

These Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) may be useful for finding biographical works at Eckstein or other libraries. Follow the links to view the subject listing:

United States. Supreme Court -- Biography 

United States Supreme Court -- Bibliography

Judges -- United States -- Biography

United States. Supreme Court -- History


Biographic Periodicals


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Books About the Court and Its Justices

The selection of titles in this box is a sampling of material that includes more than one justice or era on the Court and may be more thematic in approach. Searching by Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) for subtopics of the Supreme Court in the collection may be more productive for research that is not limited to a particular justice. Try browsing the KF 8700s via Marqcat or shelf-browse in person at Eckstein Library. You also can search for the Justices by name, as a Subject or keyword search.  Eckstein Library has hundreds of books in this category. 

Ask a librarian for search help, too!