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U.S. Legal Research for International LL.M. Students: Online Resources

This guide highlights selective resources available at Marquette University Law Library that LL.M. students may find useful when researching United State law.

Online Resources


Electronic Resources at Marquette University Law Library

Alphabetical listing of Marquette University Law Library's electronic databases and subscriptions.  Some of these online resources are restricted to use on the university campus or within the Law School.  To access library's electronic resources from home, please see these off-campus access instructions.

How a Bill Becomes Law.

Outlines the steps a Bill takes from its introduction in the House or Senate, through committee action, voting, and Presidential review. Includes glossary.  From Project Vote Smart.

Inside the Federal Courts

Explains how federal courts work and how they are organized.  From the Federal Judicial Center.

How Our Laws Are Made. 

Details how laws, regulations, and executive orders are made and how to research them.

MU Law Faculty Blog

Commentary on current issues of law and public policy by faculty members and others associated with Marquette University Law School.  The link below includes all posts under the Sports & Law category.