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Teaching Resources for Law Faculty

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Steve Nelson
Eckstein Hall, 218

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Teaching Resources for Law Faculty

This Teaching Resources for Law Faculty site provides information for both full-time and adjunct faculty at Marquette Law School to use to enhance their teaching. 

The information on this site is curated and is not comprehensive. For more extensive information on law teaching, faculty are directed to the additional resources page.

Teaching and Technology Resources

Resources for Marquette Law faculty

Media & Technology Group

Eckstein Hall, 218 - (414)288-8000,

The Marquette Law School Media and Technology Group supports the Law School community in using audio/visual aids and other technology (e.g., computer software) for teaching and/or research. The purpose of the Media and Technology Group is to provide technical support to the students, faculty and staff of Marquette University Law School. This support includes hardware and software installation, problem resolution, training coordination, and myriad informational services.

Ray & Kay Eckstein Law Library

The Marquette University Law Library provides a variety of services for the research and teaching needs of the Law School faculty. Select the Current Awareness, Resources, and Services links from either the menu on the left or from the listing below for more detailed information.  Should you have any questions or suggestions about these services, please contact Law Library Director Elana Olson.

Marquette University Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning houses a variety of programs that collectively offer several resources for faculty:
Faculty Professional Development Workshops and Programs
Service Learning