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Cite Checking Guide for Law Reviews & Publication: Books

Sources for Books

Print/PDF:  MARQCAT (access via the law library’s landing page), the university’s catalog, covers print and electronic books held by both Raynor and the law library. You should begin your book search here.


PDF:  Books not available at Marquette may be available in a digital repository. 

  • Google Books:  Google Books is a digital repository created by Google and several partner libraries that contains over 15 million items.  Items in the repository that are in the public domain may be available for searching, viewing and downloading.  Access to copyrighted items in the repository varies widely, depending on the permissions granted by the copyright holder.

  • Hathi Trust:  Hathi Trust is a digital repository created by more than 60 partner academic and research institutions and others that contains over 10 million items.  Items in the repository that are in the public domain are freely available for searching, viewing and per page downloading.  Because Marquette is not a partner institution, you will not be able to download entire items that are in the public domain.  Copyrighted items in the repository may be searched, but not necessarily viewed or downloaded.

Milwaukee Public Library (MPL) County Cat

MARQCAT: Your Starting Point

The library and its catalog, MARQCAT, should be the first place you look to find copies of print books, law reviews, primary legal sources, government publications and law-related materials from several foreign countries.  MARQCAT covers titles held by both Raynor Memorial Libraries and the Law Library.  If Eckstein Law Library or Raynor Memorial Libraries has the materials, you are responsible for obtaining them. 


MARQCAT - Search library


If you have trouble creating effective searches in MARQCAT, check out the help page.

MARQCAT Insider Tips

  1. Search MARQCAT by keyword. Select a few of the unique terms from the title and/or author’s name and create a search query that joins them with the “and” connector. Example: legal and citation and prince 

  2. When looking at the catalog record, check the item's status to make sure it is available and has not been checked out.

  3. MARQCAT does not list individual articles in law journals and law reviews.  Search by journal title.

  4. Check to be sure you are searching the collection you need.  In advanced search, choose either Entire Collection or Law Library.  Sometimes the choice will default back, so monitor the search boxes if you redo a search.