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Cite Checking Guide for Law Reviews & Publication: Circulation Policies

Book Check-Out Procedures for Law Journal Students

Books and other Law Library items, except items on Reserve, do not need to be checked out before you take them to the cite check room. 

Exception: Reserve books, which you request at the Circulation desk, must be checked out just as you would for any purpose. You may check out Reserve material for the normal 2 hour period under your own ID.   Neither Reserve material nor Reference material should be kept in the cite check room.  The reason is that these items are heavily used by students and other patrons. 

Materials from other MU libraries (e.g., Raynor Memorial Library) and Milwaukee Public Library must be checked out.  Observe the due dates for these materials.  The Articles Editor is responsible for overdue fines whether for books from Raynor and MPL, or books obtained from other libraries via Inter-Library Loan (ILL). 


You do not need to pay for the photocopies out of your own PrintWise account.  Each law review has a PrintWise account.

You will need your student ID to access the law review printing accounts.  If your ID does not bring up a choice for the law school account when you attempt to use the copiers, please see your editor.  Please place all of your materials in the green reshelving carts (available on each floor of the library) when you are finished with them.

Library Service Hours

Library Service Hours


Library Service Hours vary from Eckstein Hall Building Hours.  If you require help from the reference librarians or the library staff at the circulation desk, be sure to plan your visit during Library Service Hours.

Inter-Library Loan (ILL)

Follow the ILL protocols of your law review and consult the ILL tab in this guide.  ILL requests ultimately are made online by the article editor, not the sourcing student.  So, work with your editors and consult a librarian for confirmation that you need to give your editor an ILL request for a particular source.

Retrieve ILL books as soon as they arrive at Eckstein, so you have adequate time to use the item.  If you need a renewal, request it 3-4 days ahead of the due date so that the Circulation supervisor can determine if a renewal is permitted by the lending institution, and return the item on time. 

Book Carts

You may borrow a book cart for transporting books to and from the cite check room.  Please ask at the circulation desk if you need a book cart and one will be provided.  Carts stationed at the reference area and on other library floors are for reshelving, so please leave those as they are.

Eckstein Law Library Map