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Comment Topic Selection for Law Reviews: Sports Law Resources

Sources for Sports Law Topics

Sports law newsletters, subject matter services, case law compilations and blogs will highlight changes and trends in sports law and sports law practice.  Monitor some blogs or news websites and follow up on issues, cases and pieces of legislation that grab your attention.

Sports Law Starters

If you are not sure what topics to search in sports law, these books provide an overview.  You can also search the Marqcat catalog for sports law subjects in the library.  Please ask a librarian for help. 

Sports Law Subject Matter Services

United States Law Week. KF102.5.L38.

Provides analysis of recent federal and state legislative, regulatory and judicial developments. As the title suggests, the publication is issued weekly. Also available on BNA online. If you do not have a particular topic in mind, try running keyword searches or searches in the index for terms/queries such as sports, coaches, athletes, NCAA, sporting goods, facilities, sports and agents, sports and discrimination, women and sports.


Uberstine, Gary A., Law of Professional and Amateur Sports. (KF3989. L38).  Serves as an extensive, but practical guide to the law governing professional and amateur sports. If you have a very broad topic idea (sports broadcasting, taxation of athletes, etc), you might consult this looseleaf’s chapter on the topic. You will find analysis of the critical issues within that topic and citations to the most relevant cases, statutes and regulations.  



    Sports Law Newsletters

Topical newsletters track recent legal developments. They tend to be published either weekly or monthly and contain only brief articles.  Selected legal newsletters are available on Westlaw and on Lexis (includes newsletters and newspapers). You might also try bar association section newsletters.

Legal Issues in Collegiate Athletics, (Westlaw). Covers academics, discipline, sports marketing, and professor and student behavior in college athletics.

Recent Developments in Sports Law (formerly You Make the Call). Analyzes recent sports law cases. A semi-annual newsletter issued by the National Sports Law Institute.

For the Record.  (4th Floor, Periodicals).  Publishes articles on current issues arising in sports law and the sports industry. A National Sports Law Institute publication.

From the Gym to the Jury (run title search in library catalog; access is in law school building only).  Covers injury, litigation and liability in sports.