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Comment Topic Selection for Law Reviews: Scholarly Writing Resources

Eckstein Law Library has books on general reserve that can help writers produce high quality law review comments and scholarly papers. These books are available for use within the building as reserve materials. Spending a few hours reading about comment writing will help you understand the process better and raise some questions you may have as you begin the research and writing process for your comment.   

Recommended Reading - Books on Reserve at Circulation

Additional sources for approaching topic selection


Law journal articles about topic selection that may be of interest

Heather Meeker, Stalking the Golden Topic: A Guide to Locating and Selecting Topics for Legal Research Papers1996 Utah L. Rev. 917 (1996).  Gives practical advice on how to identify a strong topic for academic legal writing and describes a preemption check process.

Ruthann Robson, Law Students as Legal Scholars: An Essay/Review of Scholarly Writing for Law Students and Academic Legal Writing7 N.Y. City L. Rev. 195 (2004). Critiques the Volokh and Fajans/Falk texts and offers independent commentary on topic selection and the scholarly writing process.