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Eckstein Law Library Guide for Marquette Law Students: Study Aids & Course Tools

Study Aids and Course Tools

CALI: CALI (Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction) is a consortium of law schools that researches and develops computer-based study exercises in many law school subjects.  Marquette Law School is a member, thus the exercises can be downloaded by law students from the CALI website.  Students can register and create a username and password on the CALI site using the CALI authorization code distributed during orientation. Please ask a librarian if you have questions about CALI content. 

Casebook:  Generally used as textbooks for classes. Includes selected sections of court opinions. Casebooks usually are not part of an academic law library collection. 

Course Management System: A web-based tool for professors to share class information, including syllabi, assignments, lecture notes, and discussions with students.  Each of your professors will let you know which course management system s/he uses, if any. Course management systems at Marquette Law School include:

              TWEN (available via Westlaw, for which you receive login credentials during orientation)

              Lexis Classroom (available via Lexis, for which you receive login credentials during orientation)

              D2L  Desire2learn is Marquette University’s course management system.  

Study Aids: Series of tools that are designed to provide additional insight and help with clarifying topics that may be encountered in the course of study.  Some study aids include: CALI (online), hornbooks, treatises, the Examples and Explanations series, the Questions and Answers series, the Understanding series, and the Mastering series, all available in the Law Library collection.

Visit Study Guides for 1Ls  and Study Guides for 2L & 3L courses for details about study aids that are available in the law library and through the law library's subscription to the LexisNexis Digital Library, for which you receive login credentials during orientation.

Please ask a reference librarian if you need help finding study aids!



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