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Alternative Dispute Resolution: Videos

Selected ADR Videos

Arbitration of a commercial dispute: Adagent, Inc. vs. DST Corp.
DVD, 30 minutes
KF 9085 .A964 2003

From the American Arbitration Association.  Demonstrates the entire process of a commercial arbitration hearing, from the panel chairperson's opening statement through parties' closing arguments.

Caitlin's challenge
DVD, 7 minutes with teacher's package
KF 9084 .C25 2012

Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School.  Negotiation between a director and her boss for promoting her to vice president of the law firm and giving her the rightful bonus she deserves.

The case of the missing money: revisiting the elements of just cause
DVD, 78 minutes with transcript
KF 3471 .C37 2011

From the National Academy of Arbitrators. Portrays an arbitration in an employment termination case, including presentations by advocates and decisions by arbitrators.

Critical decisions in negotiation.
5 DVD set, ca. 4 hours
KF 279 .C275 2013

From Harvard Law School Negotiation & Mediation Clinical program.  Features attorneys and businesspeople negotiating a licensing agreement for a new pharmaceutical drug.  Includes instructor booklet and 2 discs containing the full-length, unedited negotiation footage.

Cultural & gender issues in negotiation & mediation.
6 DVD set, ca. 12 hours
KF 9084 .C84 2007

From with Nina Meierding.

Eye of the storm leadership: 150 ideas, stories, quotes, and exercises on the art and politics of managing human conflicts.
DVD, 175 minutes
KF 9084 .E94 2008

From with Peter S. Adler.

Get busy, get paid!
DVD, 150 minutes with course manual on CD-ROM
KF 9084 .G48 2004

Prof. L. Randolph Lowry presents a strategic development process to build a successful mediation practice.

Keystone: consolidating our collective wisdom.
DVD, 126 minutes
KF 9084 .K49 2006

From the Consolidating our Collective Wisdom conference, held in Keystone, CO in 2006.

Lost in the fine print (Alliance for Justice)
DVD, ca. 20 minutes
KF 9085 L67 2014

Buried in everyday agreements for many products, services, and jobs is fine print saying when you are harmed, you can't go before an impartial jury or judge. Instead, these forced arbitration clauses send you to a decision-maker chosen by the company that wronged you. ... Lost in the Fine Print tells the story of three everyday people who found themselves trapped in this system - and the impact of forced arbitration on their lives and livelihoods.

Mediating divorce agreement.
5 DVD set, ca. 962 minutes
KF 535 m45 2004

James C. Melamed,, emphasizes a facilitative and maximizing approach to divorce mediation; includes parental issues, child and spousal support, property and tax issues.

Mediation in action: resolving a complex business dispute.
DVD, 36 minutes with study guide
KF 9085.Z9 M42 2005

Demonstrates the use of mediation to resolve a contract dispute between two companies.

Negotiation pedagogy video series. Part one.
VHS, 111 minutes with teacher's package
KF 9084 .N47 2003

Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School.  Harvard Business School professor Michael Wheeler teaches a complete negotiation class session through role simulation debrief, video, and discussion.

Negotiation pedagogy video series. Part two.
DVD, 111 minutes
KF 9084 .N47 2005

Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School.  MIT Professor Susskind teaches an executive education session through the running and debriefing of the "Teflex Products" role simulation.

One day after peace.
DVD, 86 minutes
DS 119.76 .O54 2012

A mother's journey to South Africa to learn about the country's Truth and Reconciliation Committee, in the hope that it can be be applied to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The Stanford video guide to negotiating: the sluggers come home.
DVD, 60 minutes with study guide
HD 58.6 .S72 1997

Negotiations between the owners of a baseball stadium and a team owner. Demonstrates key principles of rational negotiation and common tactics and strategies for negotiating profitable agreements.

Termination tempest.
VHS, 90 minutes
KF 9084 .T47 2004

Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School.  Mediation of a case involving claims of age discrimination in termination of employment.


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