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Comment Topic Selection for Law Reviews: Intellectual Property Law Generally

Periodicals & News Websites

Duke Law and Technology Review.  Draws on intellectual property law in its study of the intersection of law and technology. Examines recent developments in short and direct pieces called “iBriefs.” Published twice a month during the school year and infrequently during the summer.  

IP Frontline. Covers intellectual property news from around the world. 

IP Insider . Focuses on the business of intellectual property protection, emphasizing the practitioner’s perspective.

Patent, Trademark, & Copyright Journal. Offers weekly updates on cases, statutes, trends and news related to intellectual property law.  Available on BNA online Remote access username and password are available from Professor Norton and the reference desk.  

Patent, Trademark, & Copyright Law Daily. Contains concise discussions of the most significant intellectual property cases, regulatory developments, and trends on a daily basis.  Available on BNA online. Remote access username and password are available from Professor Norton and the reference desk. 

U.S. Patents Quarterly. Decisions and orders from federal and state courts, administrative agencies, and other tribunals and authorities that relate to patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property issues. Available on Lexis and on Westlaw.

Subscription Databases

BNA Intellectual Property Library. Provides full text of decisions related to patents, copyrights and trademarks reported in United States Patent Quarterly. 

Lexis and Westlaw each have intellectual property news databases, including some of the BNA products mentioned above. On Westlaw, use the directory to access the “Topical Materials by Area of Practice” section and then select “Intellectual Property.” A database of interest on Westlaw that can be found in the folder entitled News & Information is IPNEWS, which contains news about intellectual property from newspapers, magazines, journals, newsletters, transcripts, and wire services.  On Lexis, the Intellectual Property Law Combined database contains legal newsletters on copyright, trademark, and patents.




Chicago IP Litigation Blog

Tracks Northern District of Illinois IP cases.



Covers copyright, patent, trade mark, information technology and privacy/confidentiality issues from a mainly UK and European perspective.


IP Watchdog

Focuses on patent law, but does have posts on a variety of current developments on all IP topics.


Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Offers updates on copyright, patent and trademark laws. Presented by a former Marquette professor.

Associations & Organizations Websites

American Intellectual Property Law Association

Provides links to IP-related legislation currently before Congress and to amicus briefs filed by the AIPLA. Select the link for “IP Policy and Advocacy.”


Chilling Effects Clearinghouse

Offers information regarding First Amendment and intellectual property law protections provided to online activities. 


Electronic Frontier Foundation, Intellectual Property

Provides links to recent intellectual property law cases, news, and resources.


World Intellectual Property Organization

Provides an archive of WIPO Magazine articles, which describe WIPO-led activities and intellectual property issues around the world.  The newsletters also may serve up topic ideas.