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Administrative Law Research Guide: WI Agencies

This guide is intended for students who are learning about administrative law and its sources, and to help scholars and practitioners locate materials in the library and online. Content additions are gradual but steady. Please check back often!

How to Find Wisconsin Agency Information

Start with a Wisconsin agency's website when you begin researching an agency issue.  If you are not sure which agency controls the problem, consult Wisconsin agency lists and descriptions of agency functions.  

The table of contents on the first page of the certified, online version of the Wisconsin Administrative Code has a list of all Wisconsin agencies (scroll down a little) with links to the agency websites. 

The Wisconsin government website's agency page has an alphabetized arrangement of links to state agencies, boards, and commissions.  The Department of Hearings & Appeals does not appear separately; it is within the Department of Administration.

Wisconsin State Law Library (WSLL)                           

The state law library is a state agency.  It is also an excellent resource for finding WI administrative materials online and in print, as well as other Wisconsin legal materials, e.g., local ordinances.   

Most features of the WSLL website are free. For practitioners and librarians, and a small fee, a library membership is available that provides remote online access to databases like HeinOnline.     

Locations link  

Check the Wisconsin Blue Book

Read the Wisconsin Blue Book for descriptions of the structure and functions of state agencies and other information about Wisconsin's executive, legislative, and judicial branches.  The Blue Book is produced biennially for each legislative session and is available in print, and online.  The more recent versions contain statistics about industry, education, employment, etc., and data about elections and information about political parties. The index is very useful.

From 1853-1878, the Legislative Manual was the title given to early renditions of the publication. The renamed Blue Book first appeared in 1879. All versions are available in the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections database.

WI Adjudicative Agencies and Appeals Tribunals

This is an image without live links.  Please check the left column for links to Wisconsin agencies and tribunals.