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International Military Tribunal for the Far East: Other Significant Collections

Bibliography of materials at Marquette Law Library that relate to the International Military Tribunal for the Far East / Tokyo War Crimes Trials


Other Significant Collections

In addition to the IMTFE transcripts and documents at the Eckstein Law Library, the following libraries also appear to have original transcripts from the IMTFE.*

Materials at Brown University Library Include:

James J. Robinson Papers
Includes among other things, many materials that pertain to the IMTFE.  This series, composed of 11 subseries, includes transcripts of the trial, legal documents, exhibits, research, correspondence, and administrative documents related to the trial of accused Japanese war criminals in Tokyo after World War II.

The United States of America, the Republic of China ... [et al.] against Araki, Sadao ; Dohihara, Kenji ... [et al.]
This set contains 199 volumes, including 7 volumes of judgments, 1 volume of synopsis, 2 volumes of drafts, and 1 volume of annexes.

Reply of Prosecution to Defense Summation (3 volumes)

Narrative Summary of the Record (1 volume),

Materials at Earl Gregg Swem Library Include:

Japanese War Trial Papers, 1945-1948 by Ottowell Sykes Lowe, Sr
Lowe was the personal representative of Joseph B. Keenan, Chief of the International Prosecution Section for the Japanese War Trials.  This set consists 301 items of printed material, including copies of papers from the trials that were sent to Ottow Lowe in Washington D.C.  This includes opening statements of the prosecution, the indictment, lists of suspects, charter of the IMTFE, transcripts of teletype conferences, and affidavits of Cordell Hull, Joseph C. Grew and Henry L. Stimson. (per SCRC Database)

Materials at the Cowles Library Include:

The United States of America, the Republic of China ... [et al.] against Araki, Sadao ; Dohihara, Kenji ... [et al.] (D804 .J32 I57).
This is listed as a 199 volume set [in 59 bound volumes].  The set is listed as transcripts of proceedings of the Tokyo Trial, reproduced from typescript.

Materials at the William R. Perkins Library Include:

Narrative Summary of the Record of Proceedings of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East.
a multivolume set consisting of material from June 14, 1946-December 17, 1947.  The library has an incomplete set of materials post Dec. 17, 1947 (p. 5803).

Record of Proceedings.
Contains approximately 375 items, reproduced from the typewritten copy. The Perkins Library also has a collection that consists of Exhibits. No. 1-3915, consisting of 10 volumes.

Materials at the Goodson Law Library Include:

The Tokyo major war crimes trial : the transcripts of the court proceedings of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East.
(Approximately 120 volumes) contains facsimiles of transcripts and other material relating to proceedings from April 29th to June 4th 1946.

Materials at Harvard Law School Library Include:

Brief of the facts presented by the prosecution, by direction of: General Myron C. Cramer, Justice from the United States of America ...
733 l. 28 cm.
Contents: v. 1. The Bridge-head. Tanaka cabinet. Hamaguchi cabinet. Wakatsuki cabinet. Inukai cabinet. Saito cabinet.--v. 2. Okada cabinet. Hirota cabinet. Hayashi cabinet.--v. 3. First Konoye cabinet.--v. 4. Hiranuma cabinet. Abe cabinet. Yonai cabinet.--v. 5. Second Konoye cabinet.--v. 6. Third Konoye cabinet.    Photostat copy.

Dissenting judgment of the member from France of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East.
[2], 23 numb. l. 34 cm.
Notes: Dated 12 November 1948.  The Justice from France was Henri Bernard.

2 v.  Incomplete contents: [v.1] Pt.A. 1. Establishment and proceedings of the tribunal -- 2. The law -- 3. Obligations assumed and rights acquired by Japan -- Pt.B. 4. The military domination of Japan and preparation for war -- 5. Japanese aggression against China -- 6. Japanese aggression against the USSR -- [v.2] Pt.B. 7. The Pacific War -- 8. Conventional war crimes (atrocities) -- Pt.C. 9. Findings on counts of the indictments -- 10. Verdicts -- Annexes.

Judgment of the Hon'ble Mr. Justice Pal, member from India ...
4 v. 28 cm.  AKA: Judgment of Justice Pal

Narrative summary of the record. June 14, 1946-January 12, 1948.
14 v. 28 cm.  Summary of all the material in the Transcript of proceedings and in the Exhibits.

Opinion of Mr. Justice Roling, member for the Netherlands. 12 November 1948.
249 ℓ. 27 cm.  Notes: "His reasoned dissension in regard to some of the findings of the majority judgment [of the IMTFE]"--Introd.

Prosecution documents which were either not offered or were rejected.
7 v.

113 v.   Also known as: Proceedings in Chambers.

[Rejected defense documents].
22 v. : ill., maps.

Summation of the prosecution.
7 v. 33 cm.  Sections A-K are summations of general subjects; sections AA-YY are summations concerned with individual defendants.

Transcript of the record. Volume no. 1-109.
109 v. 26 cm.  Reproduced from type-written copy.  Leaves are printed on one side only and numbered consecutively 1-48412.  The transcript volumes are numbered 009590 to 009697.


While the Library of Congress certainly contains a lot of material on the Tokyo War Crimes Trial, two English sets stand out as seeming to be unique:

Materials at the Library of Congress Include:

Record of proceedings of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East ... Tokyo, Japan.
The United States of American [and others], against Araki, Sadao ... Tojo, Hideki [and others] accused.  This set consists of proceedings from April 29, 1946 to April 16, 1948 (136 volumes).  It includes Opening statement, the prepared statement of J.G. Liebert, Exhibits volumes, an Index for witnesses, exhibits no. 1-2282, Judgment and opinions.  The proceedings are on 48,412 leaves [pages], and the judgment and opinions are on approximately 1,446 pages.

Frank Farrell Papers, 1897-1988.
(The bulk of these papers are from 1945-1975.)  Consisting of over 28,000 items, the Frank Farrell Papers include many items from Farrell's work as a U.S. Marine Corps officer, journalist, radio commentator, public relations consultant and advertising executive.  Included in this collection are materials that pertain to his role as an interrogator and prosecutor for the IMTFE.

The National Diet Library supports the mission of the Japanese legislature, and is home to a significant amount of research on the IMTFE.

Materials at the Princeton University Library Include:

Transcript of Proceedings, April 29, 1946 - April 16, 1948
125 volumes.  The Princeton library also includes the 20 volume Summation of the Defense.

Materials at the University of California School of Law Library Include:

Transcript of proceedings. Apr. 29, 1946-Apr. 16, 1948.
169 volumes. This set is contained in 48 bound volumes.

Materials at the NRLF Library Include:

Summation for the Defense.
17 volumes.  The note in the record for this indicates that the first four volumes include summations on general topics.  The last 13 volumes include summations concerned with individual defendants.

Exhibits No. 1-3915.
131 volumes.  There also appear to be some materials in the Main Library.  Notes indicate that the text is in English and Japanese, and that the Main Library collection is "wanting."

Transcript of Proceedings. Apr. 29, 1946-Apr. 16, 1948. (113 volumes)

Materials at the University of New Mexico Library Include:

Japanese War Crime Tribunal Documents, 1946-1948.
Per the UNM catalog, the set is housed in 21 boxes.  The Rocky Mountain Online Archive includes a very detailed summation of the material presented in this collection, as well as a concise introduction to the nature of the IMTFE trials.

Materials at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries Include:

Record of Proceedings of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East ... Tokyo, Japan : The United States of America [and others] against Araki, Sadao ... Tojo, Hideki [and others] accused.
The record indicates that this collection includes documents and defense documents, but is fairly incomplete.

Materials at the Arthur J. Morris Law Library Include:

Papers concerning the International Military Tribunal for the Far East,
Williams G. Carrington (George Carrington).
86 boxes (37.2 linear ft.)
G. Carrington Williams was the International Defense Section counsel for defendant Naoki Hoshino before the IMTFE.

Of primary importance in the collection are Williams' personal files, 1945-48, concerning the International Defense Section of the IMTFE and the defense of Naoki Hoshino. Also included are miscellaneous official records of the tribunal.

Papers concerning the International Military Tribunal for the Far East,
Frank Stacy Tavenner.
221 boxes (95.7 linear ft.).
Frank S. Tavenner was Counsel and acting Chief of Counsel, Prosecution Section, IMTFE.

Series I contains Tavenner's personal papers from the IMTFE, 1945-1948, including correspondence, memoranda, reports and other documents regarding the prosecution's case; miscellaneous documents regarding defendants; and reports, memoranda and other documents regarding Japanese, German and Italian collaboration. Series II consists of the official records of the tribunal, including the transcript of the proceedings, 29 April 1946-16 April 1948; a complete set of exhibits; narrative summary of the record, several indexes, rejected documents, defense and prosecution summations, orders, rulings, and judgment.

Materials at the University of Washington Libraries Include:

[Proceedings] : Record of proceedings of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East ... Tokyo, Japan : The United States of America [et al.] against Araki, Sadao ... Tojo, Hideki [et al.], accused
This appears to be two series, one in EAsia Auxiliary Folio (approx.. 158 boxes), and one in GovPub Stacks. (approx.. 382 boxes).

Materials at Merrill-Cazier Library Include:

Soemu Toyoda Tribunal transcripts, 1948
6 linear feet (15 boxes)
This collection includes the transcripts from the Soemu Toyoda war crimes Tribunal. There are fifteen boxes containing the trial transcripts, the affidavit of Soemu Toyoda, the Judgement of the IMTFE, and counts 54 and 55 against Stricto Sensu. Some prosecution exhibits in the transcripts include photographs.

Materials at the Virginia Historical Society Library Include:

Papers, 1919-1965 (bulk 1946).
83 folders
Papers of David Nelson Sutton (of West Point, Va.), chiefly concerning his work as associate prosecutor at the IMTFE in Tokyo, Japan. The trial involved Japanese military and civilian leaders accused of war crimes against China, which included the Nanking Massacre of 1937 as well as the economic exploitation of occupied China.

This set is broken into 16 sections of papers devoted to David Nelson Sutton, including: correspondence while he was associate counsel to the prosecution; travel orders; memos; photographs; trial notebook; hand-written notes; newspapers; travel journal; minutes of meetings; interrogations; affidavits; briefs; indictments; evidence; papers relating to foreign relations between the United States and Japan; transcripts; proceedings in chambers; and more.  Overall, this set comprises 83 folders of materials.

Materials at Z. Smith Reynolds Library Include:

The United States of America, the Republic of China ... [et al.] against Araki, Sadao ; Dohihara, Kenji ... [et al.]  [transcripts of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East]
Transcripts of proceedings of the Tokyo Trial, 1946-1948.  Reproduced from typescript.  Paged continuously.  Some missing issues.
Approx.. 135 volumes.

(*Please notify us if you are aware of other collections of transcripts or proceedings, especially in the U.S. that are not listed here.)


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