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Court Rules Research Guide: U.S. Court of International Trade

Court rules govern the procedures of a court and how matters before a court are handled and processed. This guide identifies resources for locating court rules.

U.S. Court of International Trade

The U.S. Court of International Trade is made up of nine justices appointed by the President.  The jurisdiction of the court extends throughout the United States and is also authorized to hold hearings in foreign countries. The court has exclusive jurisdictional authority to decide any civil action against the United States, its officers, or its agencies arising out of any law pertaining to international trade.

The Court of International Trade has its own rules prescribing the practices and procedures before the court. These rules are patterned after and follow the arrangement and numbering used in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Similarly, with certain limited exceptions, the Federal Rules of Evidence govern the trial of cases before the court.


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